Sino Sprint Machinery Co., Limited (SinoSprint or SprintMachinery) was founded in year 2014, is a professional supplier of small machines. 

SinoSprint offer Pharmaceutical Machine, Food & Beverage Machine, Household Appliances, Snack Food Machine, Fruit & Vegetable Processing Machine, Packing Machine, Cleaning Machine, Meat Processing Machine and other machines.

SinoSprint is also shareholder of 11 machine factories in China Mainland(Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Henan, Shandong provinces). During to reliable supply chain and convenient transportation, SinoSprint provides low-cost, stable quality and timely delivery.

We own many well-known trademarks, such as Sprint™, Takumitech™,Tuohaitech™, and join EAN barcode organization to provide high-quality and traceable products for Amazon and physical supermarket customers.

Sino Sprint Machinery Co., Limited

|- Product

|-Pharmaceutical Machine

Mixer | Capsule Filling Machine | Tableting Machine | Counting Machine

Tablet Press Mold | Tablet Deduster Polishing Machine | Pill Press Machine

Granulator Grinder

|- Food & Beverage Machine

Cutting Machine | Oil Press | Fried Chicken Equipment | Ice Shaver

Dumpling Machine | Oven | Juicer Maker | Noodle Press | Dough Maker

Ice Cream Machine | Rice Steamer | Siomai Machine | Roasting Machine

Noodle Cooker | Household Appliances | Planter | Threshing Machine

Coffee Machine | Heater | Waste Machine | Water Dispenser | Air Fryer

Coffee Bean Grinder

|- Snack Food Machine

Churros Machine | Chocolate Processing Machine | Fish Cake Machine

Cotton Candy Machine | Fruit & Vegetable Processing Machine

|- Packing Machine

Paper Cutter | Printers | Film Sealing Machine | Hot Press Machine

Commercial Laminating Machine | Filling Machine | Sealer

Wrapping Machine | Vacuum Packing Machine

|- Cleaning Machine

Cleaning Equipment | Pressure Washer Machine

|- Meat Processing Machine

Meat Cutting Machine | Meat Slicer Machine | Marinating Machine

Meat Grinder | Chicken Machine

|- Others

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Sino Sprint Co., Limited


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Phone: +8613333637163

E-mail: [email protected]

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