NJP Capsule Filling Machine

NJP series automatic capsule filling machine is a new model designed to meet the needs of mass production on the basis of the original NJP series. "Increase production without increasing people, and increase production without increasing land".

This product is further improved on the basis of the original automatic capsule filling machine at home and abroad. It has high technical content and unique performance. Its function has reached the domestic advanced level. It is the most rational equipment for the production of capsule drugs in the pharmaceutical industry at present. Its performance and characteristics are as follows:

1. The whole machine has beautiful appearance, fine craftsmanship, simple operation and convenient use.

2. The design integrates the filling seat and the metering disc, so that the metering disc and the filling rod will not be offset, avoid the friction between the filling rod and the metering disc, improve the filling accuracy and prolong the service life.

3. It can automatically remove the defective capsules, recover the drugs in the defective capsules, and reuse them to improve economic benefits.

4. The machine is easy to disassemble and clean, and can exchange various types of molds, and the 800-type, 1000-type and 1200-type molds can be exchanged and used on the same machine to meet the requirements of different production capacities.

5. The vacuuming, vacuuming habits and exhaust pipe are designed inside the body to avoid the phenomenon of hardening, breaking and air leakage of the trachea, which is convenient for the clear work surface and meets the requirements of GMP.

6. The filling rod nut is made of stainless steel instead of the original plastic nut to avoid cracking; the working table has fewer screws and nuts, which is easy to clean and makes the whole machine more beautiful.