Which model of single punch tablet press is the most cost effective?

The TDP-5 tablet press is our top-selling tablet press because it's able to produce pharmaceutical-grade tablets that meet strict requirements with ease.
The TDP-5 is the classic model in our line, designed for the production of tablets such as OTC drugs, vitamins or supplements. It features a stable construction to ensure durability under heavy use, while providing precise control of the compression force depending on the type of product you want to produce. A machine designed from start to finish specifically for tablet applications.
To fit various tablet sizes. These molds are designed to produce uniform weight and size tablets, which is important for quality control. This way, the customer will know they're getting a product that meets their standards every time without any surprises or extra costs involved with changing out different sized molds as needed over time. The custom design also allows customers to create products in an endless variety of shapes, logos, and textures while maintaining consistency on each part due to the mold's ability to be precisely calibrated throughout production processes by using software engineering tools such as software CAD/3D programs.

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