The development history of tablet press

Tablet presses appeared earlier in Europe and the United States, with a history of nearly a hundred years. In China, until 1949, the Tianxiang Huaji Iron Factory in Shanghai was imitated into a British 33-pressing machine; in 1951, it was converted into a domestic 18-pressing machine based on the American 16-pressing machine, which is the earliest domestically manufactured pharmaceutical machinery. ;In 1957, designed and manufactured the ZP25-4 tablet press; in 1960, successfully designed and manufactured the 60-30 tablet press, which has the functions of automatic rotation and tablet pressing. The pressed varieties include tablets, sugar tablets and calcium tablets. , coffee tablets, etc. In the same year, ZP33 and ZP19 tablet presses were also designed and manufactured.

In the 1970s, Shanghai No. 1 Pharmaceutical Machinery Factory and Nantong Shengkaia Machinery Co., Ltd., the designated manufacturer of tablet presses, started mass production of ZP series tablet presses. During the "Seventh Five-Year Plan" period, the HZP26 high-speed tablet press was successfully developed by the 206 Institute of the Ministry of Aeronautics and Astronautics. In 1980, Shanghai No. 1 Pharmaceutical Machinery Factory designed and manufactured ZP-21W tablet press, which reached the international advanced level in the early 1980s and was the first product in China. In 1987, the company introduced the microcomputer control technology of Fette Company of the Federal Republic of Germany, and designed and manufactured the P3100-37 type rotary tablet press, which has the functions of automatic control of tablet weight, pressure, automatic number of tablets, and automatic rejection of waste tablets. The degree meets the requirements of GMP. In 1997, Shanghai Tianxiang Jiantai Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. developed ZP100 series rotary tablet press and GZPK100 series high-speed rotary tablet press.

In the 21st century, with the deepening of GMP certification, ZP series rotary tablet presses that fully comply with GMP have appeared one after another: ZP35A in Shanghai, ZP35D in Nantong Shengkai Machinery, etc. High-speed rotary tablet presses have made great progress in technologies such as output, pressure signal collection, and waste rejection. The maximum output is generally greater than 300,000 tablets/hour, the maximum pre-pressure is 20kN, and the maximum main pressure is 80kN or more than 100kN. For example, the GZPLS-620 series of high-speed rotary tablet presses of Nantong Shengkaia Machinery Co., Ltd., the GZPK3000 series of high-speed rotary tablet presses of Nantong Shengjia Machinery Co., Ltd., and the PG50 series of high-speed rotary tablet presses of Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Manufacturing Engineering Tablet press, etc.

With the improvement of the level of manufacturing and processing technology, the improvement of automatic control technology and the various special needs of manufacturers of tablet presses, various special-purpose tablet presses have also appeared one after another. For example, ZP5 rotary tablet press for laboratory use, dry powder rotary tablet press for dry powder tableting, explosion-proof ZPYG51 series rotary tablet press for gunpowder tablets, etc.